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Yellow Jackets Athletics

Osbourn Park High School


Yellow Jackets Athletics

Osbourn Park High School

Yellow Jackets Athletics

Osbourn Park High School

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11 months ago by Sean OBrien

Catch Him If You Can: Getting to Know Ahdonis Turay

Senior Ahdonis Turay is a player of many talents: receiver, kick returner and defensive back. This season has seen him return kicks all the way five times for scores. His ability to find the hole and accelerate gives OP a chance to score at any given moment. As a defensive back, his speed makes it difficult for opposing players to get behind him. I recently sat down with him to discuss his season and his future in not only athletics but academics as well.


What was your earliest memory of football?

Ahdonis Turay: When I lived in Woodbridge and played in the Dale City Sports Club for my uncle. My first year I wasn’t that good, but the second year I played well as a running back. I was about seven years old.


What about your earliest memory of watching football?

AT: I was eight years old. I was a Redskins fan from the beginning. I remember watching Hightower and Sean Taylor. I liked how he played safety.


What was your biggest moment playing football?

AT: Winning a championship at Dale City in back-to-back years. I won MVP as an offensive player at eight years old.


What dreams did you have first starting out?

AT: I was at first more dominant towards football, but as the years progressed I became more into basketball. I didn’t fall in love with football again until high school.


What does it mean to be part of the senior class at school?

AT: It feels weird. You don’t want to grow up, but you don’t want to stay young.


What are your favorite classes?

AT: I enjoy AP Psych and how the brain works. I’ve always been into science. I like the classes with labs.


Least favorite class?

AT: I hate math with a passion.


Where are you looking to go to school and what do you want to study?

AT: I’m looking to go to Catholic University and study in their mechanical engineering program. I am also considering VCU and GMU as secondary options. With that degree I’d want to work for Lockheed and Martin, or Google.


What have your goals as a senior been?

AT: At first I didn’t have any since I didn’t play my junior year. I didn’t know how I’d do this year. But as I started playing, I realized I could do something with this. My goals expanded to improving the team, being an All-State returner. I also look to get First Team All-Conference. But primarily I want to make the team better over anything else.


Why did you not play your junior year?

AT: I was focusing more on basketball. It’s been big for me, and it was good for me. I got an honorable mention in conference play. I am playing this year as well.


Would you prefer to play basketball or football in college?

AT: Football. I think I have a better chance at it based off of my season. I’d still consider playing basketball if the offer were right, but primarily football.


Do you feel as a senior you take on a leadership role?

AT: I’m not a captain or direct leader, but I feel like an indirect leader. If players want to come to me for advice or anything, I’m there for them.


You have 5 return touchdowns this year. What’s that feel like? Walk us through that experience.

AT: Well at first I didn’t think much about it. I just wanted to get something out of nothing. But as time went on, I realized our team really looked for me to score on returns. It’s a huge adrenaline rush and I like it.


How do you find the hole so well?

AT: I follow my blockers who form a wall and it’s very helpful. Instead of running blind, they guide me to where I need to go.


Is there anything you do to increase your speed?

AT: In practice I focus on catching the ball and accelerating. I work on my legs in the weight room. I don’t work with any specialists or anything.


Outside of football, what are your favorite hobbies/activities?

AT: I really enjoy NBA 2K. I like watching The Walking Dead, but mostly sports. I don’t even watch movies.


What are your thoughts on your final two games versus Patriot and Osbourn?

AT: It hasn’t hit me yet that I’m a senior. It will eventually hit me. I just want to win these two games and end up 4-6.


Will the practice efforts be more intense the final week of the season?

AT: We practice hard every week, but our attention span will be very acute and focused that week.


You play both sides of the ball. What do you think about that?

AT: Honestly, I feel like I’m not that good at defense, but the coaches say that I have a good view/read of the field. Defense is not hard for me but I had never played it much. But I’ve come to like it more, and try to improve my tackling. During the game I can get very tired but I keep going no matter what.


Anthony Smoot is one of the offense’s most dynamic weapons. What were your thoughts when you saw him go down?

AT: I was hoping he was ok. It happened so fast. Knowing Smoot, he was playing hard as he always does and I respect it.


Who are your role models?

AT: My mom and dad have always been there for me and put in a lot of work, effort and time for me. My coaches because without them I wouldn’t be playing football or getting the interest from schools that I am receiving.


What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned from the coaches?

AT: Remain humble. It’s where you’re from, not where you’re at.


Favorite snack?

AT: Scooby Snacks.


Favorite athlete?

AT: Odell Beckham for football. DeAngelo Russell in basketball.


Where can people find you on Twitter?

AT: @AhdonisT.
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